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Purses We Love


Shop Casi's Boutique and The Refreshed Fashion Shop for your favorite style of purse. These are Casi's Boutique top five favorite styles of purses from the shop.

1. Bow Purse - Getting ready for a car show? This is the purse to take. Why it's our favorite? - It will carry everything you need, and it can go with many looks!

2. Honey Tote Bag - This tote bag is perfect to stuff with veggies at the farmers market.

Why we love it? - It is corduroy and a throwback to 70's prints and color.

3. Pink bag - Don't forget this bag when you go out to dinner tonight.

Why we love this bag? - This bag is cute and simple.

4. Green Leaf Coin Purse - Add this to any bag to express the green leaf and carry your coins.

Why we love this bag? - It looks like it is covered in THC.

5. Holo in the Dark Clutch -

Head OOTD with this clutch

Why we love this bag? - This unique clutch is perfect for essentials .

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