Out and About

Today I went out in this pink and purple rose printed black cropped hoodie paired with black shorts printed with pink and purple roses. I also stopped at the shop for some new shoes. I found pink and white motivation sneakers with white pearls. I picked up some fresh pink and white socks as well.

I started my day at the Wonderyne Beauty Salon. I steamed my face and enjoyed pampering myself for my next photoshoot at the Pink Overdose Studio.

Then I had a photo shoot at the Spring Garden and fed a sweet bunny a banana.

My next photo shoot was at the Tranquil Garden. I loved holding this adorable sweet puppy at a picnic. Then I pet some cute bunnies and deer in a relaxing field.

The last photo shoot of the day was in the All Things Hood room. I played some basketball and ate a snack from the vending machine!

See more of my photo shoot from today - https://go.imvu.com/av/Opal978961

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