Cleaning Favorites

1. Laundry Soap - I started looking for laundry soaps because of my sensitive skin and to stop using soaps that are harming the environment. My favorite laundry soaps to use are Seventh Generation or Home Made Simple Laundry Soap.

2. Dish Soap - My hands are sensitive to most dish soaps so when I found plant-based dish soap I wanted to try it to see if my hands would be irritated by the soap. I love that I can do the dishes without irritating my skin and harmful to the water. My favorite plant-based dish soaps to use are Seventh Generation and ECOS Dish Soap.

3. Fabric Softener - I will switch between liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets. I always choose plant-based fabric softener either way. My favorite to keep my clothes soft and smelling fresh is Earth essentials and Seventh Generation.

4. Microfiber Cloths - I use these to mop and sweep the floors, wash the wall, clean the windows, and scrub the bathroom. You can use these to clean anything effectively without using a bunch of paper towels.

5. All-Purpose Cleaner - I make an all-purpose cleaner in a recycled dish soap bottle. I add about 3 TBSP of dish soap and water. Sometimes I will squeeze in lemon for extra antibacterial properties, and for a fresh lemon scent. I make different cleaners in recycled bottles but this is the cleaner I make to use daily.

What is your favorite part of the house to clean?

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