~June Adventures~

How has your summer going?

Are you enjoying the heat, or counting the days for cooler weather?

I LOVE THE SUMMER HEAT. The cold makes me hurt.

I do love winter for the quiet, snow days. Also, I love

winter nights. They say if you are hot think about somewhere cold.

If you are cold, think about somewhere hot. Well that was working for a

minute. I really started thinking I was going get ready for a cold day.

Ok, June was awesome. There were bad days, and good days.

The best part was going to Holiday World for the first day of summer!

We rode every roller coaster there, back to back. I also took on a new

experience by riding the Liberty Launch. After the Liberty Launch we

went straight to The Legend. It was crazy! Then we went on The Mayflower,

which is a huge swinging ship! I try to enjoy these rides at other amusement

parks, but I end up puking every time!

Most of June has been about relaxing and eating ice cream I make from bananas!

My boyfriend and I finished the rest of my room to take pictures in for Casi's Boutique

I am so happy about it because at first it was east to take pictures of small items that

could be placed on a white surface. Then I had to start taking pictures of clothing.

This became a challenge because it would be to dark, or just not displaying the

clothing properly. I still have a lot of practice with pictures.I am happy with the

new pictures. Check them out - https://www.casisboutique.com/shop

I did something else I have not done before. That is setting up a yard sell

and selling by myself. The internet was shut off so I had to keep selling somehow!

My boyfriend helped me set up some wires. That did

fall the next day when he went to work. I didn't let it stop me. I just set out

the items from Casi's Boutique on a table. My boyfriend rewired the line

to hang clothes when he came home from work. I set up the next day with

all of my items. I was selling used, and items from the shop. I sold the first day

to my friend, and a lady. The lady had such a cute small dog, that was watching my

dogs to make sure they didn't escape my house to get to her mommy.

I enjoyed nature, and had fun doing this for a couple days!

That is about it for June. What was your favorite adventure this June?

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