Friday Favorites!

Check out some helpful essentials I found:

1. Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant. This deodorant saved my armpits!

I couldn't find the deodorant I found at the pharmacy. SO, I went on a mission.

After returning home I started reading the ingredients again to be sure. The

ingredient I was looking for was not located in the list of ingredients, so that is why I thought it was ok.

It is listed above the ingredients as an active ingredient.

I am talking about aluminum. This ingredient causes breast cancer, skin irritations, and I get headaches

It is a anti-perspirant. You are supposed to sweat.

Sweat is there is keep you cool when you are getting over heated. If you are not sweating then you are

probably not getting enough water. Most of the time deodorants don't stop the sweat anyway, so

you have to reapply, or just deal with it.

Arm & Hammer Deodorant is helping with the issue I was having, and helping the sweat.

It is not eliminating the sweat, because sweating is natural. Also it is in the men's

deodorants. It smells like essential oils, but it's not overpowering,

2. Tattooed perfume by INKY. I think this smells amazing.

The box has awesome art on it. It is light & fruity , but the

smell does last. The smell is mango, blackberry, peach,

magnolia, and amber.

3. Dr. Sheffield's Toothpaste.

This toothpaste works instantly

it is helping the stains on my bottom teeth that

I couldn't remove with any other tooth paste.

Many other toothpaste will cause my mouth to feel like

I still have toothpaste in it, but this feels like it rinses away

and I don't have a bad taste in my mouth if I happen to eat

something after I eat.

That is all I have for this weeks Friday Favorites.

I hope you can learn something from this

and try a few of these products out!

Have a great weekend!

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