What's in my bag?

Some wonder why carry a bag? or What do you have in that bag that is so important?

When I was younger I didn't carry a bag, or purse very much. I grew up and realized I carry many extra things, so

why not carry a bag. This is my favorite bag that I have ever owned. The electric blue vinyl is amazing with the glitter detail.

I have always wanted a round purse, and the bow is the perfect detail. Simple yet spacious, and

the black and white pinstripe lining was a surprise. Usually liners are a plain color, but this one is unique.

You can pick up the same adorable purse in red or black here www.casisboutique.com/shop

My planner. I write down everything. I honestly feel so lost without this book.

I did not buy a planner for one month, and I lost track of everything.

I could keep track of information my phone, but I just feel more organized when I write things out.

I do not always wear sunglasses, but I do keep them in my bag. My mom gave me these

cheetah print sunglasses!

My keys are always in my purse so I know where to find them. Things disappear, so keep track of

them by putting your stuff into one place instead of moving the designated area, or placing them anywhere.

I usually have make up in my bag, but for now I have Fierce Effects Lip Gloss by Hard Candy in shade

Turn It Up. I love the fact that this company is cruelty free, affordable, and I love the colors.

One thing I keep in my bag that I always use is my mini light weight flashlight.

I believe in good energy. Crystals and rocks carry energy. I also carry other things that have

been given to me that I believe will provide good energy where ever I go.

My brother gave this one to my mom. Then my mom gave it to me..

I need to read about it to see what it is.

Either way I feel good energy from it, and it is really pretty to look at.

I also have a half dollar from my good friend, for good energy.

The last things I carry in my bag is a Medtainer, and a eye shadow brush to clean up

the Medtainer when I have used it to much. I love medtainers because it locks to keep

my stuff safe. It is also water proof!

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